the rainy day art of Brandon Stewart

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Brandon Stewart

Father. Artist. Wanderer. Made of starstuff.

Things don't always turn out how you had planned. Take me for example- When I was a kid I wanted to be an astronaut, but I became an artist that paints with rain instead. I do other stuff as well: art with but not excluding, oil, acrylic, watercolor, digital, and I even tattoo. Periodically I make comics, too. 

Life is weird.



Growing up in the Pacific Northwest carries with it a responsibility of caring for the landscape. Afterall, a place that is so beautiful because of its trees, mountains, and bodies of water doesn't look as good when tainted by plastic bags and used fast food wrappers. This means I care about where I live. Not just because I call Washington State home, but because making sure I add as little as possible to the planet-wide, growing piles of garbage is not just a passion, but a RESPONSIBILITY to me.

Everything I use paper-wise, from watercolor paper to shipping and print supplies are either upcycled, recycled, or biodegradable. Even if the Earth will be just fine long after the human race is gone or moved on to another planet, I still believe in caring for my home while I'm here. I may not be able to change the world, but I can most certainly not add to its issues.


I AM THE CLOUDS creates art,collectibles, and handmade items using rain, snow, and water from streams, lakes, and rivers. Most of what you see on this site is made using water sourced from the Pacific Northwest (my home), but some is from beyond, made on my various travels around the US and other places around the world. 


Clouds travel far and wide, and I've made it my goal to do that too... all while painting in all the places I visit.


I paint in a few different ways- using liquid acrylic, ink, or watercolors:

  1. On travels I will collect water/snow from lakes, streams, or rivers, paint on site or later when I have a chance. When I work this way, I always make sure to write down where the water is collected from. To be more specific (and for more fun), I use latitude and longitude coordinates to pinpoint the exact location of the water I source. 

  2. I collect rain/snow in a bucket or jar then paint with it later.

  3. I will literally go outside to paint and allow the rain to create organic patterns as I drip liquid acrylic on the paper.