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We spend our time jumping from one slippery stone to the next, alongside a raging river of extremes. In a polarized world, not only is it difficult to move our feet forward, but nearly impossible to find common ground at the center. We juggle ups and downs in black and white. We live in blinding light or deepest shadow, unable to determine left from right or right from wrong.


Somewhere, I like to think there remains a tiny sliver between extremes. The bit of grey. The silver lining. Therein lies honesty, and the simple truth, in its infinite complexity.


Open a page and step into my vision of the grey. This book is an expression of what I find there, where the lines are blurred between love and grief, joy and anxiety, creativity and insomnia. These greys are at the heart of our human experience and have the potential to bring us closer to ourselves and each other.






Book measures 8.5x11"

102 pages

The cover is printed on a heavy matte cover stock (12pt C1s)

The inside of the book is printed on heavy stock (80lb matte) paper in black and white

Softcover (perfect bound)


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