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the pyrography of Brandon Stewart

About Burn Gallery

What is Burn Gallery?


Burn Gallery, established 2015, is a division of Atrament Studios, LLC, a company founded by artist Brandon Stewart. Burn Gallery specializes in handmade items crafted using pyrography. Those items include hand-burned original artwork, jewelry, and burn prints.

What is pyrography?

Pyrography is the art of using heat or fire to create imagery in various substrates including wood and leather. In our case we use a woodburning tool and a blowtorch. 

What sorts of things do we burn on?

Most of our products are wood, sourced locally from companies who would otherwise toss the pieces- we like to upcycle. The wood types we use most are:

  • Basswood

  • Pine

  • Curly Maple

  • Mahogany

About the Artist

Brandon Stewart

Father. Artist. Pyrographer. Writer. Wanderer. Outdoorsman. Survivalist. Proud native of the Pacific Northwest (Washington state). 

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